Friday, March 7, 2008


A friend (Beth) sent me a link tonight to a video showing me the old cars we used to drive in the 50's and 60's. No I wasn't driving back then *L* I was just born! But my first car was a 1956 Chrysler with a push button transmission. I LOVED that car! It was a boat! *L* Turquise and white with fins on the back. I would love to have that car back someday.
It looked just like this one!

And I found the original ad online for them!

How I would love to have this to cruise around in now! *L* And someone in town has one. Jim and I saw him drive by one day when we were coming out of Costco. I was drooling!! You have no idea how badly I wanted to follow that car and ask the driver if I could just take a look at it.

Ok just for fun how about some other links tonight?

The Cactus Cuties sing The National Anthem These girls are GOOD!!!!

When Life was in Black and White How many of these do YOU remember?

How our cats wake us up!ROTFL

Now they have gone too far! *LMAO*

And on that note I will leave you with my most recent scrapbook page. Oh and don't forget to change your clocks tomorrow night!! It's that time again already!!


Meghan said...

Cute layouts & love all the links!

Scrappytbear said...

very cute!!!

Jodi said...

Cute page!

Corinna said...

This Easter layout is DARLING! Love the little bunnies at the bottom.