Friday, September 7, 2007

Ready for the weekend!!

TGIF!!! I did a lot of fall cleaning today! It was my first Friday off after my Friday customer's moved to WV. so I decided to use the time to do some cleaning in my own house. Well it turned into a whole day ordeal! But my house looks and smells so nice and clean now!! Just have a few little things to do so I will probably get some of them done tomorrow. but I wanna scrap this weekend too, so I wanted to get all my weekend stuff done today.

I have gotten a couple more digi pages done in the last couple days. Check my gallery at TTS for product info!

And while you are at TTS why not check out what we are doing this month to help in the fight for a cure for breast cancer
Scrap Pink
There is also a sale going on!!! Make sure you check the forums for more info on that also! And join us for our crop later this month!

Oh and before I go, I have to share a funny story about Madi. Last weekend we got a call from her mom, Tracy. Madi is now in middle school and....well you know how it is to be 13. *L* Last week was the first middle school football game. Madi was so upset that she wasn't able to go to it and todl Tracy that she was 'Ruining her social life'!!!!!!!!!!!! *L* Oh my goodness, the dramatics! All I can say is Thank God I no longer have teenagers! OMG it is even worse now than when my kids were kids, and my kids aren't THAT old, that I don't remember when they were teenagers!
Wanna know how ruined her social life is? She had 2 calls on her birthday to go do things with friends and had the dilema of trying to decide which one to do *L* and half the time when you call to talk to her...she isn't home...she is out somewhere with her friends. Glad to know her social life wasn't ruined for long!!! *L*


Tara O'Rourke said...

Gorggeous LO's Julie. I hear you on not blogging regularly. I have been taking photos to post but havent' bothered posting them. LOL

Scrappy Moments said...

Beautiful Layouts Julie, Great job. I especially like the flowers and ribbons one :)
Story was too funny, too, Glad to see you blogging again, I have been blogging every other day at my blog :)


Jodi said...

Pretty Lo's! That was a funny story. I really need to blog more too. Just can not find things to talk to about. rofl

Anonymous said...

I try to blog daily but sometimes there just isn't that much going on and I can't think of anything amusing to share, so why bother?

Nice layouts. I am layout tired! After all those Hawaii layouts the past three months, I seem to have lost my umph!