Monday, September 3, 2007

Quick Labor Day Post!

*L* Quick cause I am going to bed in a few but wanted to blog before I forget to!
Our blog challenge for the day is to tell what the changing of the seasons means to us. Since we don't have a lot of color in the fall, unless you take a trip out to the lake (which BTW is gorgeous!) it mostly means a change in the temps for me. And this summer I can NOT wait for that! It has been a LONG HOT summer! This week we have been over 100 for a few days again, with storms all around us so that makes the humidity go up. What's even more frustrating is to see the storms and none of them reaching you! *L* We can see them all around us, but because we are in a valley surrounded by mountains, a lot of the time the rain doesn't reach us. We did get to see some spectacular lightening though! And we did get a little...little being key here...rain on Friday. We have had only 3/4 of an inch of rain in 13 months! So we desperately need it! And we were soooooooooo hoping to get a serious downpour..but alas it wasn't to be for us.

I did get a couple pages done inbetween having to shut the comp down because of the lightening though! *L*

The first is using the Blueberry Creme kit by Wenchd Grafix Designs available at
DSO. The second one is a page I did for our fearless leader Tracy at TTS using the Birthday Kit by Ashley Bailey at

and finally a couple of older pages I did celebrating our fall. Jim took me for a drive up into the mountains just so I could get some fall pics to scrap! Isn't he a gem!!!

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Scrappy Moments said...

Beautiful Layouts.... Great Work!I have had to shut down due to thunder storms too...