Monday, May 7, 2007

I've been tagged

By Nancy *L* I am supposed to list 5 to 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog.

Well of course scrapbooking, that is number uno!
1. I post about the TTS monthly events and contests and if course my own pages. I had a sad weekend and only got 1 page done...maybe next weekend will be better! *L* This is the one page I did and I didn't get it done until Sunday.
Isn't Gavin growing so much? And he is such a happy guy! Isn't he a doll!! My blog is also a way for me to keep track of some things and come back to it and possibly use the info as journaling on a page.

2.My daily life, things that are going on with me and Jim and the family. I don't post daily, but I do post for the bigger things. My blog acts sorta like a diary for me in that respect.

3.My opinions on world events. Hey, its my blog and if ya don't like my opinion don't read it. Or do read and and give me your opinion in the comment section! It is my place to blow off some steam and for me to climb on my soap box *L*

4.My venting system. I also use my blog to write and vent when something is bothering me. Usually some family thing. It's a place for me to get things off my chest and not really talk to anyone, but makes me feel better and gets rid of some of my frustration.

5.Finally it is a place for me to contemplate life in general *L* Sometimes that is good, sometimes....well...even in my 40's I wonder about things, you know, life and the world and people and why people do the things they do and all that stuff.

Ok back to scrapbooking! *L* Of course... TTS is playing a May game(we just started today) and we are going back to High School!! *L* If ya want you should come check out the fun and all of our HS pics as our avs!! Just don't laugh too hard at my pic! *L*
Doris Castle is also hosting a challenge at TTS!! So if you are a digi scrapper or want to try digi then come on over and download the freebie and enter the contest for a chance at a $20 GC from Doris!! Here is a page I did using her Dreams kit and some of her 'Groupies' I LOVE these Groupies!! Doris has taken the guess work out of making collagey type borders and element clusters by making these Groupies! I love them so much and if you know me you know I love doing collagey type pages, that I used 2 Groupies on this page! *L*

That is my beautiful daughter Jamie! :)

Ok off I go to tag someone....*L* hmmm let's about Charlee, Tara, Tammy,
Tanya, Abby and Kim!!


Tanya Nichols said...

ok Ive been tagged, im in austin texas at the moment but i will blog asap!!!

NancyJones said...

WAY TO GO WITH THE TAG CHICKY!!! loved your answers