Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet our newest family member!


We adopted her from a no kill shelter 2 weeks ago. Jim says she was my anniversary gift, and she is precious! She is 3 1/2 months old now, so she isn't going to get very big. I love the cock-eyed way she sits *L* and as you can tell she loves sticks and our backyard. She gathers up as many sticks as she can and brings them to the edge of the patio, to a spot she picked for whatever reason and just stacks them. She also likes to chase shadows. If she sees the shadow of a bird flying overhead she will chase it, and in one of the pics she is chasing her own shadow!

Thursday, my day off I was shampooing the carpet when I heard her barking like crazy. I figured she was tormenting one of the cats again so I came down the hall to check it out. Nope, no cats to be seen, but as soon as she spoted me (she was in our bathroom) she stopped barking. I no sonner walked out and start shampooing again and she started up with the barking again...once again I go to check it out and no cats anywhere. So I backed out of the bathroom and just waited for her to start barking again. Sure enough, she did! So I peek around the corner to see what she was barking at. OMG I was rolling. Of course as a fur kid mommy I had to grab the camera and record her
Sissy versus the shower drain
Is she too funny or what?? *LOL*


Julie Ann Shahin said...

She is adorable!!!

julie ann shahin

StmpnShell said...

She is precious! Thanks for letting us visit with her!

Jodi said...

Oh my! She is way too funny and cute!

Corinna said...

I didn't even watch the video yet, just looked at her photos and she is a DOLL! She looks EXACTLY like my dad's dog, which is an Australian sheep herder (mixed).

So cute!


Erica said...

Oh My Goah she is the cuttest little thing!