Thursday, February 21, 2008

More scrapping and lots of other stuff!

I have gotten a few digi pages done this week!! Wooohoo go me! Finally getting some scrapping done is sure relieving my stress :)

First off, my cousin Tina finally *finally* got her birthday (August) and Christmas gifts from my mom! I have been so excited for her to get them so I could find out if she liked her birthday gift I made. A memorial somewhat of our grandparents. She loved it!!

All of these are digi pages...
Pics of Jon and Kayden when she was a couple days old. I used the Funny Valentine kit from Pixel Diva Designz

Sammie saying the Pledge of Allegiance for us. It was so sweet!I used Teriann Hanks Liberty kit available at TTS

Jon, posing by the tree in our front yard this past Thanksgiving. We have a tradition of having the grandkids stand by the tree and taking thier pic, so we can see them growing from year to year. I used Mad Scrapper Designs Wendi's World kit also available at TTS. I love this kit!

And finally a page I did for her DD inside joke at TTS. Kacee had a challenge to see how many times we could use the word 'Loverly' and I came across this Loverly word art while looking for digi freebies and HAD to use it! *L* It was screaming Kacee's name! ( I also used Sunfire/A Fairy Tale/TTS; Word Art/Sophia Sarducci blog freebie; /Junianas/Tracy's Wish Add on/TTS; Designs by Krista)

Come read our latest at TTS Newsletter!

I had to post these for Nancy so she can see what Sammie did to her hair! *L* Bella's isn't nearly as bad *giggle* this is the before shot...see how long and nice her hair was...WAS mind you...until she got a sucker stuck in her hair WHILE her Uncle Shaun was babysitting her...and he fell asleep on the couch while Sammie and Jonny were watching a movie.

And now the DAMAGE she did!

OMG Shaun was in a panic when he called us..he siad his sis was gonna KILL him!!
Once Jenny got over her shock and anger *L* She took Sammie to the beauty shop to get it fixed.


NancyJones said...

OMG my heart jumped when I saw that pile of hair. NO bellas wasnt that bad thank you GOD I was just gone long enough to grab the ribbon and cut off a foot of it... IM scared to think what it would have looked like though if I had been gone a second longer!!! After washing and drying it you couldnt tell much it just looks like we layered it.. UNTIL the bangs start growing then you will be able to tell.

man you have been busy with the layouts chick. BEAUTIFUL WORK as usual.

Preemie Mom said...

oh MY Stars--that was alot of hair for a sucker!


Diana said...

Love the pics and the pages are all so good!

Bao Mirana said...

Pretty layouts I saw from here.
By the way, thank you comment you left in my blog !