Friday, November 2, 2007

Shooting, Scrapping and Harold!

Jim and I went out for dinner tonight. Outback...yummmmmmmm. When we left, we decided we hadn't been in World Market in forever so we walked over to do some window shopping. While there Jim found...Harold!!!! *LOL* As you can see Harold is a Jr fan also :)

World Market has some of the most awesome Christmas ornaments! But there are some that I don't quite understand. If you can explain them to me please do!!! The pig ornaments...hmmmmm and the frog ornaments....and the dill pickle ornaments. What is thier significance? On the drive home though we decided that I have got to get Britney one of the dill pickle ornaments to commemorate her pregnancy. *L* She is gonna kill me for that!

Since we are on vacation this week we decided to go do some early shooting yesterday morning. Great time to do it since there's hardly anyone around then. I had a great day!! Was interesting though. While we were there all of a sudden 2 deputies came up asking Jim if his name was Philip. Seems someone had parked at one of the truckers cafe's next to the range, had left their door open with ammunition inside the car and there was a hole cut into the fence! Yikes! There hasn't been anything in the paper, so we are wondering what the heck was going on! But here is my target

And Jim's target

Finally...scrapping! Although I haven't had the chance to do a lot of scrapping during vacation, I have gotten a couple done.
Love these pics of Madi I found on my camera after she was here this summer *L* Gotta love the silly self=portraits! The next page is Madi's baptism. TTS is our sponsor this month on the web site, so T (site co-owner) sent me missionary papers to scrap Shaun's Mission pics. Jeremiah 1:5 is a picture of Kayden's ultrasound. We had a challenge at TTS to scraplift Nancy Jones. The last page is digi and I used Di Hickman's Nov template at TTS.


Jodi said...

Oh my.. I really think he is too late to be in the seatbelt! ROFL

Great pictures and pages!

Abby said...

lmao ... I like Harold!!! CUTE

Scrappy Moments said...

LOL. Harold, I Love What Jodi's Comment was, too funny!

The Pickle Ornament actually is a German Tradition, I have One. In Germany there was a Tradition that German Children would Look for the Pickle On Christmas Morning somewhere in the tree and the first to find it would get to open the first gift, or get an extra gift :)

Spiders & Bird Nests In Your Tree are also a German Tradition for "Good Luck". Don't know what significance The pig would be, except maybe Ham for Christmas Dinner,LOL!
Love The Layouts, They are all so pretty


Jacinda said...

I think Harold has been dieting too much. You may wanna have a word in his ear and tell him there IS such a thing as being too thin. ;)

I'm glad you're having a nice vacation. Your layouts are lovely too.

Felicia McB said...

this is what I found online about pigs as related to christmas,,
"Pigs are considered to bring good luck and prosperity. In Germany, the world "dickbauch" means fat stomach, and it is often heard in December. According to tradition, you should eat well on Christmas Eve to avoid being haunted that night and to insure luck and prosperity in the New Year."

that was found at a site that sell pig ornaments, it was in the desicription. here's the url

Felicia McB said...

found this about frogs,
"Frogs have long denoted good luck in business. Since a frog only travels forward, he is always progressing and as such he represents a prosperous future. So a frog ornament is often given as a gift at graduations, weddings, or to someone beginning a new business venture. "
same site

Dawn said...

Ok love Harold!

The pickle I see was answered , not sure about the pigs

But we all need frogs on our tree! cause frogs are soo cute! and stick on a santa hat and they are instant color coordinated for the Holiday! I have 3 frog ornaments thanks to My good friend Trish!