Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump day!!!

The week is half over!! Woohooo I am home sick today, but I hadn't originally planned on staying home today, had planned on working but my costomer called and canceled because they are on vacation. That works for me though cause I feel like shit today! I wish my nose had a spicket I could turn off cause it won't stop running! I feel achy all over and can't stop sneezing. Last night I thought it was just my allergies because we have had so much wind, but now I am not so sure.
I wanna scrap but I feel like sleeping. This had better pass soon cause we are going to St. George Saturday morning to pick up Madi!! I do not want to travel for 5 hours 1 way feeling like this and I sure don't want to pass it on to Madi. So I am loading up on vitamins in case it is a bug.

I have done some scrapping while she has been gone though. I did the paper ones this past weekend and the digi ones the last couple of days.

How many of you watch Big Brother?? OMG I wanted to call Madi last night when it was on to see if she had watched! We have been watching it together. I SO do NOT like that Jen!!! OMG I want to reach through my tv screen and slap the piss right out of her!!!!! As you can tell I am hopelessly addicted to BB. It is the only reality show I watch and I do get into it! As you can obviously tell! *LOL*


Dawn said...

must be yucky germ floating all over the place! I hope you are much better in time to get Madi! Love your layouts as always !

Scrappy Moments said...

Great Layouts! Hope you feel better. I watched the first Season of BB, didn't even know it was still on,lol. I like America's got talent and I watch American Idol religouslly when it's on. Kinda watching Age of Love, but not following it that closely.

Felicia McB said...

loving all these new LOs. I really like the colors in the top one. very pretty!
I check your blog each day, but have a tendenacy to do a drive by blogging, you know read and run and not comment. I'm working on it though.

Lissa Ballard said...

Lovin' all your layouts Julie! I hope by now you're feeling tops too.

The Diva layout has me wishing I could keep Dalton small a little longer.... she's becoming a beautiful young lady!